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Jeff Evens

Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7705
Physical Education
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7705

Jeff Evens has been teaching at Jefferson High School since 1986 as a Physical Education and Health Instructor. During that time, Jeff has coached boy's basketball, baseball and girl's golf. Jeff received his Master of Education degree from St. Mary's University and undergraduate degree from Minnesota State at Mankato.




Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
PH2010W 3 Health Web
PH2010 5 Health 1 Yes Yes Yes
PH2010 7 Health 2 Yes Yes Yes
TA2012 3 TA Health 2
TA2012 5 TA Health 3
TA2012 4 TA Health 4
PH2010 6 Health 5 Yes Yes Yes
TA2012 2 TA Health 6
AD2011 11 Advisory 11 AD