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Cheryl Kerner

Cheryl Kerner portrait

I have two motto's 1. Carry On. The darkest is always just before the dawn.

                              2. Why do something the easy way, when the hard way works just as well.

I have worked with kids with special needs in some capacity for all of my life-even from being a child. It is what feels right and natural to me and that is why I do it. 



Class Name Periods
SP2083C 1 Sun Communication C 1
ET2201C 10 Peer Connection C 2
SP2084C 1 Sun Home & Ind Living C 2
SP2085C 1 Sun Functional Literacy C 3
ET2201C 9 Peer Connection C 5
SP2087C 1 Sun Recreation/Leisure C 5
SP2088C 1 Sun Vocational C 6
AA2000 20 Activity Course ACTV
SP2000 1 Advisory AD