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Laura Zukanoff

Laura Zukanoff portrait
World Languages
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7805

I was born in France to American parents. We lived there for 14 years then moved back to Minnesota, just in time for me to start high-school. I went to the U of M for my BA and continued at Bethel University for my teaching license and MA in Education. I started teaching at Oak Grove Middle School before coming to Jefferson High School where I have been teaching since 2016.

Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
TA2026 27 TA World Language 1
WL2001B 1 French 1 B 1 Yes Yes Yes
WL2004B 1 French 4 B 2 Yes Yes
WL2006B 1 AP French B 2 Yes Yes
WL2002B 1 French 2 B 3 Yes Yes Yes
WL2003B 2 French 3 B 3 Yes Yes Yes
WL2002B 2 French 2 B 4 Yes Yes Yes
TA2026 26 TA World Language 5
WL2003B 1 French 3 B 6 Yes Yes Yes
WL2004B 2 French 4 B 6
AD2011 4 Advisory 11 AD