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Cory Carufel

Cory Carufel portrait
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7738
Letters of Recommendation

Writing letters of recommendation for my current and former students is often a great experience for me as I am given the chance to reflect on the unique personality and achievement brought into my science classroom by the individual. The experience is particularly rewarding when the student updates me years later on his or her progress beyond Jefferson High School.

Writing a good letter for an excellent student takes time, and the letter demand during the year's busy application season can lead to time constraints. To help handle the request volume, I ask that students seeking recommendations complete a recommendation form. Send me a note via email if you have any questions, and please do keep me updated on your future accomplishments. Thank you!

Carufel Recommendation Request Form

Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
SC2011AW 1 General Chemistry A Web 00 (Main/W/Th) Yes Yes Yes
SC2007A 1 Honors Biology A 01 (Main/W) Yes Yes Yes
SC2012A 1 AP Chemistry A 04 (Main/Th) Yes Yes Yes
SC2012A 2 AP Chemistry A 05 (Main/W) Yes Yes Yes
AD2009 14 Advisory 9 AD (Main/W) Yes