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Celeste Meyer

Celeste Meyer portrait
Physical Education
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7781
Physical Education
Valley View Middle School
(952) 681-6428

Celeste Meyer  is a physical and health education teacher at Jefferson High School and Valley View Middle schools. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in secondary physical and health education. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Physical Education from Minnesota State University-Mankato. Celeste is married to Chris and has one daughter, Melanie. Celeste enjoys spending time with family, reading, traveling, coaching, and watching Melanie compete.


"If you're leading but nobody is following, then you're just taking a walk."

Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
PH2001W 4 Physical Education 9 Web
PH2005 4 PE 10 Fitness For Life 3 Yes Yes
PH2005 5 PE 10 Fitness For Life 4 Yes Yes
TA2021 10 TA Phy Ed 4
PH1601 2 Pe/Health 6 A-06/6 Yes Yes
PH1601 4 Pe/Health 6 A-07/7 Yes Yes
PH1601 6 Pe/Health 6 B-06/6 Yes Yes
PH1601 8 Pe/Health 6 B-07/7 Yes Yes