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Julie Hendricks

Work Exper Handi Disadv
Kennedy High School
(952) 806-7845
Work Exper Handi Disadv
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7845

This is my 13th year at Jefferson.  I am the special education work based learning coordinator for both Jefferson and Kennedy High Schools. I assist students with volunteer and work placements as well as career planning for after high school.  I have three children all of whom are Jefferson graduates.  Go Jags!  Two are college graduates and one is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota.

Class Name Periods
SP2120C 3 Work Experience OTJ C 1
BS2050C 2 Work Experience C 2
SP2120C 1 Work Experience OTJ C 2
BS2050C 3 Work Experience C 3
SP2120C 2 Work Experience OTJ C 3
SP2120C 4 Work Experience OTJ C 4
BS2050C 1 Work Experience C 5
SP2120C 5 Work Experience OTJ C 5
BS2050C 4 Work Experience C 6
SP2120C 6 Work Experience OTJ C 6