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Steven Glover

Steven Glover portrait
Language Arts
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7842

Steven Glover graduated from St. Thomas in 1991 and began his teaching career as a volunteer English language instructor in Phitsanuloke Thailand. Returning to the U. S., he earned his Masters from the University of Minnesota, moved to Blythe California and taught for three years at Palo Verde High School. He returned to his home state and began teaching at Thomas Jefferson in 2000.

Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
LA2004A 1 English 10 World Literature A 01 (Main/W) Yes Yes Yes
TA2013 18 TA Language Arts 01 (Main/W)
LA2001A 3 English 9 A 02 (Main/Th) Yes Yes Yes
LA2001A 4 English 9 A 03 (Main/W) Yes Yes
LA2004A 5 English 10 World Literature A 04 (Main/Th) Yes Yes Yes
TA2013 17 TA Language Arts 05 (Main/W)
LA2001A 9 English 9 A 06 (Main/Th) Yes Yes Yes
AD2010 16 Advisory 10 AD (Main/W) Yes