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Shonn Schnitzer

Shonn Schnitzer portrait
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7600

I'm extremely excited to be back in the science classroom for another year here at Jefferson.  I taught in the science department for ten years, then was the Dean of Students from 2008-2014, and this will be my fifth year back in the classroom!

A little background about me: I grew up in Edina, graduated in 1990, and moved on to the U of M to study Aerospace Engineering.  After earning that degree, I decided I wanted to teach, so I got my teaching license and Master's degree from St. Thomas.  I started teaching at Jefferson in the fall of 1998 and have been here ever since!  I also finished all the coursework in the doctoral program at St. Thomas in Educational Leadership and earned the Education Specialist degree in the spring of 2013.

My wife, Maureen, and I live in south Minneapolis with two dogs.  My son, Zach, lives with his mom in Crystal, and he's a Junior at Armstrong High School.


Class Name Periods
SC2001C 6 Physical Science 9 C 2
TA2022 10 TA Science 2
SC2001C 3 Physical Science 9 C 3
TA2022 63 TA Science 3
SC2001C 8 Physical Science 9 C 4
TA2022 67 TA Science 4
SC2014C 2 General Physics C 5
TA2022 65 TA Science 5
SC2014C 4 General Physics C 6
TA2022 56 TA Science 6
AD2009 14 Advisory 9 AD