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Jon Leverenz

Jon Leverenz portrait
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7723

I graduated from high school in Ankeny, Iowa and came to the University of Minnesota. I majored in Biology and have a Master Degree in Science Education.  I taught 8th Grade Earth Science at Olson from 1994-97 and then moved over to Jefferson. I am currently teaching Human Anatomy/Physiology and General Biology.  I am the Head Boys Track Coach and Assistant Science Olympiad Coach. 

My wife, Michele, our two kids and I live in Lakeville.  I like to read and spend time outdoors hunting, fishing, swimming and gardening.

Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar
SC2005B 1 General Biology B 1 Yes Yes
TA2022 48 TA Science 1
SC2005B 5 General Biology B 2 Yes Yes
TA2022 39 TA Science 2
SC2009B 1 AP Biology B 3 Yes
TA2022 19 TA Science 3
TA2022 35 TA Science 3
SC2017B 2 Anatomy & Physiology B 4 Yes Yes
TA2022 34 TA Science 4
SC2017B 1 Anatomy & Physiology B 5 Yes Yes
TA2022 49 TA Science 6
AA2000 1 Activity Course ACTV
AD2011 18 Advisory 11 AD