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Mark Eggers

Mark Eggers portrait
Social Studies
Jefferson High School
(952) 806-7814
Mark Eggers enjoys teaching Civics and Psychology. He lives in Bloomington with his wife and is the proud father of a Jefferson graduate. Eggers has been teaching since 1982 and loves it!
Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar Site
LA2003B 1 Eng 9/Social Studies Support B 1 Yes Yes
SS2002B 1 Social Studies/Eng 9 Support B 1 Yes Yes
TA2023 24 TA Social Studies 1
SS2028 3 Psychology 1 2 Yes
SS2028 4 Psychology 1 4
SS2001B 6 Social Studies 9 B 5 Yes
SS2001B 10 Social Studies 9 B 6
TA2023 22 TA Social Studies 6
AD2012 13 Advisory 12 AD