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Attention Junior and Sophomore Parents:

It's time to sign up for the Practice ACT Test, a fundraiser for Jaguar DECA.  
It will take place on Saturday, November 2nd, at 8:00 a.m. to about noon at Jefferson High School.  
We are using the same company as in the past, Breakaway Test Prep. Many of you know Breakaway from the summer ACT course, as well as previous practice tests, so you will again be in good hands. Students will take a full ACT practice test, withouthe written portion.
Students' tests will be scored and distributed via email on the same day as the practice test. Included in the score distribution is a report that breaks down all correct and incorrect answers, giving students an opportunity to see the questions that they answered incorrectly, as well as their scores by section. This will help students identify what to work on as they ready themselves for the real ACT.
Working with Breakaway Test Prep, there is also an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive review session on Sunday, November 3rd, from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM at Jefferson High School.
Breakaway has found taking a practice test is only half the battle.  To get the most from your effort, you need to understand the mistakes you made, why you made them, and how to avoid them the next time. One day after your practice test, join your fellow classmates in a comprehensive review session to zero in on areas of opportunity. These small group review classes will be led by expert instructors. Not only will the review session cover the important concepts from your practice test, but it will also introduce critical test-taking techniques, time management strategies, and an overall approach to the ACT to help you maximize your score. 
Students can sign up for the ACT Practice Test here until October 15th, There is also a link on the Career Center website and on the JHS main website.  The cost for the ACT Practice Test only is $15.00, and the review session on Sunday is only $35, for a total of $50.  Make checks payable to ISD 271 or bring cash. Payments should be brought to Ms. Wallerick in the Jefferson Career Center Or Ms. Donnelly in the Kennedy Career Center by October 15th. No refunds possible after October 15th.

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