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Schedule for the week of April 1st.

Monday, April 1st: Normal 6 period day. Welcome back!
Tuesday, April 2nd: Unique Day and Schedule
Freshmen - You will have your regular classes, some of them in different rooms. Maps and schedules will be provided on this day.
Sophomores - You are going on the all day field trip to the Zoo
Juniors - ACT Testing! Lower C rooms. You may leave the building once testing is concluded
Seniors - Digital Learning Day. Seniors do not need to attend school this day. Seniors should check their emails and online sites for assignments. 
Wednesday, April 3rd: Normal 6 period day. Not a block day. All students must complete PGP #10 on their own. Log in to Naviance for the activity.
Thursday, April 4th: Normal 6 period day. Not a block day.
Friday, April 5th: Normal 6 period day.