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Kristin Kane

A professional artist and graphic designer for the last twelve years, Kristin Kane has a studio in the JAX Building in Lowertown St. Paul.  She began her journey toward becoming an artist during her experience at Jefferson High School where she studied painting with Jim Pederson’s Honors Art Classes.  Kristin received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota in 2000. There she studied painting with Malcolm Meyers and David Fienberg.  She also worked under the tutelage of watercolor artist Helen Klebesadel at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin.
Kristin’s acrylics and watercolors are shown at the AZ Art Gallery (St. Paul, MN), the St. Paul Art Crawl, Bloomington Art Center, ABCno Rio Gallery (NYC, NY), Hopkins Center for the Arts, Limner Gallery (NYC, NY), University of St. Thomas, and inSOURCE & KL&A (Mpls, MN).  She received an honorable mention at the juried Bloomington Art Center 2002 show and was the winner of the St. Paul Collective media promotional competition in 2006.   In July 2006, Kristin designed, manufactured, and installed a 4 x 16-foot storefront mural sign for The Friends of the Orphans, a non-profit organization located in St. Paul. She has provided curatorial and advisory services to the Director of Arts, Culture and Entertainment for the City of St. Paul.
Kristin speaks eloquently about her art, “My art is filled with beauty and hope, mythology, storytelling, metaphor, and symbolism that are meant to act as a bridge to unite, invite, and engage visual conversation.  I intend to share a message about the sacredness of life, the spiritual aspects of humanity, and the connection of all things.  It is time to bring back the spiritual in life and to recognize the role it plays in our survival.”
Kristin was the recipient of the Lake Conference Arts Award in 2008.