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Fine Arts & Activities Nomination Process and Form

Nomination Process:

  • Anyone may make a nomination to the Selection Committee by filling out the proper nominating form.
  • Forms are available at the Activities Office, Jefferson High School; these forms must be returned to the Athletic Coordinators Office by May 1st in order to be considered for selection.
  • The Selection Committee may make rules, regulation, etc., as needed to provide the selection and necessary procedures for induction.
  • Those not selected remain candidates for the following five (5) years.
  • Winners will be announced and presented with awards at a recognition ceremony at a fine arts or activities event. 

Click here to download Fine Arts & Activities Nomination Form


  • Selected members of the Hall of Fame will receive a plaque, and a photo will be placed on the Jefferson High School Hall of Fame wall.
  • The selected members will be notified by March 1 by the Bloomington Jefferson Activities Director.
  • The selected members will be honored at a fine arts or activities event. 


  1. December 1: Selection Committee named.
  2. January 1:  Advisors notified who will serve on selection committee
  3. February 1: Nomination forms must be submitted
  4. March 1: Selected members will be notified
  5. A fine arts and activities event will serve as the night of recognition.