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Fine Arts & Activities Criteria

Criteria for Selection:


  • To be eligible, it must be at least five years since the candidate graduated from Jefferson High School.
  • The candidate must have shown mature accomplishments and community involvement since graduation as verified by the Selection Committee.
  • The committee shall consider the following criteria for selection purposes:
    • Participated in a conference activity.
    • Earned a letter in more than one activity or lettered at least twice in an activity.  
    • Voted a MVP award winner in a selected activity.
    • Received awards or other recognition. 
    • Identified as a performing champion, leader, etc.
    • Identified with top citizenship.
Advisors (to include assistant advisors) MUST BE RETIRED FOR 3 YEARS:
The Committee shall consider the following criteria for selection purposes:
  1. Advised a successful activity.
  2. Has shown exemplary dedication and commitment to Jefferson High School.
  3. Earned a State and/or National Award.
Special Division: (Distinguished Service)
People (activity boosters, administrators, etc.) who have made a major contribution to promoting fine arts and activities at Jefferson High School as determined by the Selection Committee.
  1. Individuals actively involved are eligible for nomination.

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