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Bowling Club


Head Coach:

Sara Ullmam

Assistant Coaches:

Brett Tracy

Fee:  $100.00.  

All fees will be set and collected by the advisor.  Contact the advisor with all questions as this is group is not run by or through the high school.

Jefferson has Varsity and Junior Varsity bowling teams, operating as a club sport.  Bowlers on these teams can qualify for letters, under the team’s guidelines.  The season follows the fall sports calendar, with practices starting in Mid-August, a conference schedule into November and state tournament completing the first weekend in December.  The team competes against other south metro high schools from Bloomington to Northfield.  In 2015, Jefferson finished 5th in the conference, and placed two bowlers on the All-Conference team.  The team practices Thursdays 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM with an experienced coach at AMF Southtown Lanes, with competitions on Saturday afternoons.

We welcome beginning bowlers as well as experienced bowlers, just bring a willingness to be part of a team and learn bowling as a sport that you can enjoy for a lifetime.  7th grade and up can participate in competition.  6th graders can join the team as practice members.