Jefferson High School

Jefferson High School

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Contact Us

Jefferson Main Number952-806-7600
Jaysen Anderson, Principal952-806-7650
Justin Hall, Assistant Principal952-806-7640
Carrie Jarvis, Assistant Principal952-806-7630
Dave Mousel, Dean of Students952-806-7620
Attendance: Parent Call-in (Voicemail only)952-806-7602
Counseling and Health Service FAX number952-806-7901
Ashleigh Miller (A-FL)952-806-7622
Karen Erickson (FM-LAN)952-806-7623
Christy Everett (LAO-ROD)952-806-7624
Catherine Cretzmeyer (ROE-Z)952-806-7619
Chemical Health Coordinator: Kristin Wetzel952-806-7618
Activities Director: Chad Nyberg952-806-7719
Career Center Coordinator: Becky Wallerick952-806-7692
Jefferson Activity Center952-806-7880
Nurse: Judy Belmore952-806-7608
Police Liason Officer: Kerri Nolden952-806-7617
Psychologist: Heidi Christenson952-806-7659
Scheduling Secretary: Connie Theis952-806-7626
Social Worker: Cindy Barriga952-806-7658
Webmaster: Kevin Coenen952-806-7681