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Jefferson Main Number952-806-7600
Jaysen Anderson, Principal952-806-7650
Justin Hall, Assistant Principal952-806-7640
Carrie Jarvis, Assistant Principal952-806-7630
Dave Mousel, Dean of Students952-806-7620
Attendance: Parent Call-in (Voicemail only)952-806-7602
Counseling and Health Service FAX number952-806-7901
Ashleigh Miller (A-Fl)952-806-7622
Karen Erickson (Fo-Li)952-806-7623
Christy Everett (Lo-Re)952-806-7624
Catherine Cretzmeyer (Ri-Z)952-806-7619
Chemical Health Coordinator: Kristin Wetzel952-806-7618
Activities Director: Chad Nyberg952-806-7719
Career Center Coordinator: Becky Wallerick952-806-7692
Jefferson Activity Center952-806-7880
Nurse: Diana Eckstrom952-806-7608
Police Liason Officer: Aaron Paul952-806-7617
Psychologist: Heidi Christenson952-806-7659
Scheduling Secretary: Connie Theis952-806-7626
Social Worker: Cindy Barriga952-806-7658
Webmaster: Kevin Coenen952-806-7681

Harassment and Violence Reporting Form
Use this form to report issues relating to harassment and violence. Bloomington Public Schools maintains a firm policy prohibiting all forms of harassment and violence. Everyone is to be treated with respect and dignity. Harassment or violence by any student, teacher, administrator or other school personnel which creates an intimidating environment will not be tolerated under any circumstances.