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Jefferson Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame Association By-laws

It is the purpose of the Hall of Fame to give special recognition to students with outstanding achievement in athletics at Jefferson High School, and to people who have made contributions in promoting athletics at Jefferson High School or have brought prominence to Jefferson High School through post high school accomplishments.

Criteria for Selection:


  • To be eligible, it must be at least five (5) years since the candidate graduated from Jefferson High School.
  • The candidate must have shown mature accomplishments and community involvement since graduation as verified by the Selection Committee.
  • The committee shall consider the following criteria for selection purposes:
    • Played on a conference championship team.
    • Played in a State Tournament as an individual or was on a team that qualified for State competition.
    • Earned a letter in more than one sport or lettered at least twice in a sport.
    • Earned a championship title in an individual sport.
    • Voted a MVP award winner in a selected sport.
    • Named to an All-Conference team.
    • Received a news media recognition award.
    • Identified as a scoring champion, statistical leader, etc.
    • Identified with top citizenship.

Coaches (to include assistant coaches) MUST BE RETIRED FOR 3 YEARS

  • The Committee shall consider the following criteria for selection purposes:
    • Coached a team that won a conference championship.
    • Coached a team or an individual in State competition.
    • Has shown exemplary dedication and commitment to Jefferson High School.
    • Earned a State and/or National Coaching Award.

Special Division  People (athletic boosters, administrator, etc.) who have made a major contribution to promoting athletics at Jefferson High School as determined by the Selection Committee.

  • Individuals actively involved are eligible for nomination

Nomination Process:

  • Anyone may make a nomination to the Selection Committee by filling out the proper nominating form.
  • Forms are available at the Athletic Coordinators Office, Jefferson High School; these forms must be returned to the Athletic Coordinators Office by May 1st in order to be considered for selection.
  • The Selection Committee may make rules, regulation, etc., as needed to provide the selection and necessary procedures for induction.
  • Those not selected remain candidates for the following five (5) years.
  • Winners will be announced and presented with awards at a recognition ceremony at a football game.

Click here to download Nomination Form


  • Selected members of the Hall of Fame will receive a plaque, and a photo will be placed on the Jefferson High School Hall of Fame wall.
  • The selected members will be notified by June 1 by the Bloomington Athletic Director.
  • The selected members will be honored at the Homecoming Football game.


1.  March 1  Selection Committee named.
2. April 1  Coaches notified who will serve on selection committee.
3. May 1  Nomination forms must be submitted.
4. June 1  Selected members will be notified.
5. A football game will serve as the night of recognition.

Hall of Fame Members


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